Custom Built Gaming Computers

Custom built gaming computers, also called gaming computers or gaming rigs, are personal computers built specifically for the purpose of computer gaming. Overall, these computers are much better then basic computers which usually do not run applications that require highly demanding hardware and immense processing power. These custom built gaming computers have bigger hard drives, more ram, more powerful processors and most important of them all, better graphic cards than a basic computer.

In the late 90s, computer games started becoming more and more complex and high computing power was needed in order to run them. Many games used hardware accelerated graphics and it introduced the concept of building personal computers specifically for gaming purposes. In this respect, the computing ability/power of a gaming PC's GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) has always been the top priority. In the early and mid 90s, many companies such as Voodoo PC, Falcon Northwest and Alienware were launched which focused entirely on gaming and high-end personal computers.

The cost of custom built gaming computers has also increased significantly. For example, the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro was released in 2002 at a price of 399 US dollars. Today, good graphics cards are priced at 500 US dollars or above. People now spend more than 1000 US dollars on top-end graphics cards alone for a high-end gaming experience.

The improtance of a well-made, top-class video card in custom built gaming computers can't be denied. Such graphics card should at least adequately play all the new games for about two to three years, though hardcore gamers will eagerly spend more and more money to upgrade more often. Waiting two years to upgrade is the most accepted compromise to keep up with the technology while spending the least amount of money.

For the best gaming exprience and to display smooth motion, custom built gaming computers need to be accompanied by a monitor capable of fast response time and high refresh rate is required. Some gamers choose to use secondary displays apart from the primary display. These may include a second screen or an LCD display located on the keyboard.

To get the best sound effects, custom built gaming computers are usually equipped with high-end sound cards and surround sound speakers. These speakers include 5.1 to 7.2 surround sound. In order to enjoy the full audio experience found in most modern computer games, a surround sound speaker setup is a required. These Sound cards have hardware accelerated technologies.

In modern PC gaming, the importance of high capacity hard drives can't be ignored as modern games need much space. So custom built gaming computers are equipped with high speed hard drives which results in lower loading times and better performance.

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